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Museum in Japan: Rocks with human-like faces

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From ZME Science:

Just a two hours drive northwest of Tokyo, you can find one of the world’s most entertaining and quirky museums. It’s called the Chinsekikan — Japanese for ‘hall of curious rocks’, and inside, visitors can find more than 1,700 rocks that look peculiar in more than one way, 900 of which resemble faces. Among some of the celebrities housed at this Madame Tussaud’s for minerals are E.T., Elvis Presley, and, of course, Jesus Christ. – Tibi Puiu, February 2, 2023

Of course, it’s like faces in the clouds but more durable. That is, among a hundred thousand rocks, one is bound to look like something and stay that way for a while.

Is this complexity without the “specified” part — as in specified complexity?


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