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NASA research now to be free to public

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From Peter Dockrill at Science Alert:

NASA just announced that any published research funded by the space agency will now be available at no cost, launching a new public web portal that anybody can access.

The free online archive comes in response to a new NASA policy, which requires that any NASA-funded research articles in peer-reviewed journals be publicly accessible within one year of publication. More.

Some of us think that all publicly funded science should be free, and friends say there is a move in that direction, for a variety of reasons, including transparency:

It also follows a growing general trend towards more openness in science research and academia more broadly. With frustration stemming over the commercial control wielded by the companies who own most academic publishing, some researchers are bypassing established journals altogether by uploading their work directly to the internet.

Others are illegally sharing scientific papers online in a dramatic bid to spread knowledge.

See also: Claim that US publicly funded science can’t be shared now is false Could these people please melt down in a private, not a public, place somewhere? The world has business—and science—to do.


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