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Near-death experiences challenge human senses

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One interesting aspect of near-death experiences is that survivors’ accounts speak of sensing things they had not sensed before: Today, we know much more about what happens to people when they die—and what we are learning does not support materialism:

Robert J. Marks (left): The other one is the idea of extra dimensions. Now, Hugh Ross, in his works, believes that God exists in higher dimensions. And with higher dimensions, you can explain a lot of things theologically and some of the survivors of near-death experiences come back and actually talk about the fact that there’s extra dimensions, which is really strange.

Notes: Our universe is held together in three dimensions and those are the ones we are aware of. There is no reason in principle that other dimensions cannot exist. But our normal senses would not perceive them.

A nineteenth-century novelist did an interesting thought experiment (free online): What if we existed in only two dimensions? The two-dimensional Flatlanders in his story simply could not understand what a three-dimensional visitor was seeing, doing, or experiencing.

Robert J. Marks: And then they talk about the idea that there’s different manifestations of time.

We know from physics and from the Bible, they’re consistent on the idea that both time and space were created—the physics says at the Big Bang, for example. 

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@ Doubter I have visited that site many times and I find it fascinating. The authors do a fantastic job backing up their evidence as well. I also have wondered the same thing about reincarnation and the Christian Mindset. I would like to see what BA77 has to say about this. He is very knowledgeable in the NDE Department. :) (didn't mean for that to sound hostile, BA77, just curious) massam
As a theological matter I would disagree with God's existence in a higher dimension, as that dimension would be a constraint on God, it would be a law that binds God. Therefore I would suggest that God does not exist in higher dimension or any dimension, though he can act within any dimension, he cannot be contained or existing within one. jcfrk101
Marks and Bradley discuss the work of engineer-turned-pastor John Burke, author of Imagine Heaven (2015). I wonder how this Christian Church pastor rationalizes the fact that the element of reincarnation is central in many NDE accounts, contrary to the prevalent position of most Christian churches and promulgated Christian theology, that there is no reincarnation. According to these teachings, physical death is supposed to be followed by sleep until the Resurrection. A couple of the very many accounts by NDEers of the great importance of reincarnation in soul experience (from Kevin William's excellent source: https://www.near-death.com/science/research/reincarnation.html): "He said, 'Do you want to stay or go back?' I was very aware that this decision would be if I would stay in the heavenly realms or return to my life as Karen on planet earth. All of my being wanted to stay there in bliss, but ever since I was six, I knew that reincarnation is the natural fact of life, and now, I had the knowingness that if I chose to stay, I would have to reincarnate to earth again later. At the time, that was unacceptable to me. I didn't understand then that earth is a boot camp and school for soul's spiritual education, and as such, it's tough. Nevertheless, I knew that I had to return and finish whatever mission I had to do here." (Karen Brannon) "I had a lot of questions, and I wanted to know what they (the light beings) were doing, why are you just kind of milling around here? And someone stepped forward ... it wasn't just one ... I got information from a number of them ... that they were all waiting for reincarnation." (Amber Wells' NDE research) doubter

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