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Nelson in São Paulo, Brazil

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I’ll be participating in this three-day seminar on Darwinism and design at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in the heart of São Paulo. Mackenzie is one of the oldest and most distinguished private universities in Brazil, and they’ve invited Brazilians scientists, such as evolutionary geneticist Dr. Aldo Mellender de Araújo, to participate in the event.

Looking forward to some Brazilian sunshine, after an interminable Chicago winter…

Ah, but I've never been to the tropics at all, and so anything anybody tells me about them would qualify as "tales". Allen_MacNeill
Good grief, Allen: Tales from the tropics? You just sounded like Darwin way back in the 1830s when he visited Brazil. For your info: wherever Brazil turns to so will the rest of Latin America (Nixon)!!! Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Greetings, Paul: I'm so jealous! I'm sure you will find Brazil much more clement than rainy Ithaca. But, if you're ever back in collegetown, I would be honored to treat you to dinner, and you can regale me with tales from the tropics. --Allen ********************************* Allen D. MacNeill, Senior Lecturer The Biology Learning Skills Center G-24 Stimson Hall, Cornell University Ithaca, New York 14853 ********************************* phone: 607-255-3357 (Allen's office) email: adm6@cornell.edu website: http://evolutionlist.blogspot.com/ ********************************* "I had at last got a theory by which to work" -The Autobiography of Charles Darwin ********************************* Allen_MacNeill
Sounds like a good time. Let us know how the food is. DeepDesign
Have a blast Dr. Nelson, South America is a beautiful place, especially during North America's winter season. Atom

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