Intelligent Design Origin Of Life Podcasts Video

New animated short on the origin of life is a lot of fun

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10:17 min. Here’s an interview by Eric Anderson with Rob Stadler, who helped create the vid:

Today’s episode of ID the Future spotlights a new origin-of-life video showing that researchers aren’t anywhere close to creating life from non-life, despite the fact most Americans seem to believe otherwise. In the episode, host Eric Anderson interviews Stairway to Life co-author Rob Stadler, who helped create the latest Long Story Short animated video. Stadler and Anderson explore how origin-of-life papers and popular media reports have misled the public, evidenced by a survey underscored by Rice University synthetic organic chemist James Tour.

Jonathan Witt, “New Animated Video Dismantles Origin-of-Life Hype” at Evolution News and Science Today

Here’s the podcast (22:58 min)

Here are other episodes in the Long Story Short shorts series.

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