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New Book: Philosophers, AI experts ask, are we living in an AI simulation? Will AI out think us?

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From Bruce Sterling, reviewing The Singularity from Journal of Consciousness Studies, at New Scientist:

Creating superintellingence may be inevitable, unless we are already living in a simulation. A collection of AI essays grapples with this weighty issue

While the book is a tremendous flight over the craggy AI landscape, it settles no disputes and has little or nothing in the way of practical counsel.

Kant, Hume and Descartes are major intellectual presences here, apparently because explosively proliferating future AI singularities are going to be plenty worried about these three dead European guys. (paywall) More.

Introduction by editor Uziel Awret free here. More contents here.

This all comes of not knowing or caring to know what information even is, or what intelligence or consciousness is.

On th other hand, alpha science pundit Neil de Grasse Tyson thinks we might indeed be living in a sim, which settles the matter for many.

Some of us think they should get back to science. Find out what information is.

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The basic idea fronted:

Nonsense remains nonsense regardless of who says it. Some folks have figured out how to suck money from the gullible masses who buy their pseudoscientific books and watch their hogwash videos. Pathetic. BTW, don't we have plenty of much more important issues to take care of on this planet? For example, shouldn't we dedicate more efforts to biology research? What's the benefit from endlessly searching for extraterrestrial life? We should test everything and hold onto what is good. Dionisio

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