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New film: What if a Neanderthal were alive today?


Tim Disney has a new film about a guy who is really a Neanderthal (thanks to a DNA genetic experiment):

A critic finds that the show has unexpected depth:

Like “The Elephant Man’s” John Merrick and “Mask’s” Rocky Dennis, Brittain’s William yearns for an ordinary existence even as he’s tragically aware that he’ll never be regarded as anything more than a specimen. Michael Rechtshaffen, “Review: A contemporary Neanderthal comes of age in Tim Disney’s touching ‘William’” at LA Times

Wonder who he’d have to thank for that…

More on the film.

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See also: Smithsonian belatedly asks, What do we really know about Neanderthals? What do we know? Well, we know what the science establishment has told us, that’s what. Previously, the science establishment spent a lot of time looking for the Darwinians’ subhumans. At all times, thin on the ground, it would seem. So they drafted the Neanderthals because, well, they were there. Now it seems, they have discharged them.


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Looks like the feel-good hit of the season, judging by the trailer. It will require a great deal of effort to suspend disbelief when the brilliant researcher decides to impregnate herself with a cloned neanderthal embryo, I suspect. daveS

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