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New free speech rules won’t change much at US Universities, says campus politics expert

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First Amendment defenders will welcome the new rules that tie government money to academic freedom but anyone ringing a cowbell can drown out a speaker and craven administrators would have little incentive to take the risk of stopping them:

We can encourage our children and grandchildren to stand up against the stifling political conformity and let them know it’s okay if they’re penalized for their principled stand.

As I told my own daughter in a letter when she started college, “Most of your professors will be excellent and you will gain a priceless education from attending college. But a few of your professors will be militant, intolerant disasters, yet they will be ostensibly intelligent and far more articulate than you. So what should you do? …

That’s okay, I told her: “Your mother and I will accept, with pride, your D if it was given as political punishment by a bad apple because you remained principled.”Ronald L. Trowbridge, “Taking a ‘D’ in the Fight for Campus Speech” at Independent Institute

Well, that’s fine if it costs the prof’s department a huge financial penalty to behave that way. Doubtless, he’d be happy to teach for less, without the taxpayers’ money. Otherwise, it’s not clear how the expert’s approach will help.

But if it weren’t for new rules, no one would even be talking about it.

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