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New US free speech policy for universities miffs boffins at Nature


We were just talking about a recent piece in Nature, grousing about public doubts about science calling out Paul the Apostle, of all people. Now get a load of this:

Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities in Washington DC, called the order “plainly unnecessary” in a statement. “Public universities are already bound by the First Amendment and work each day to defend and honor it,” he said. Sara Reardon, “Universities spooked by Trump order tying free speech to grants” at Nature

A guy has to be stone cold tone deaf to write something like that in the age of FIRE and Bret Weinstein. Universities across the Western world have made clear that they don’t respect intellectual freedom. Even Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne got the message recently and wants universities to sign the Chicago Statement.

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The universities are “spooked by” Trump, are they? Well, they brought him on themselves. They could have listened before, when someone nicer than he is was telling them.

Taxpayers should not be willing to support indoctrination centres run for the benefit of clueless mediocrities, where your prof can get thugged or your car torched by people who feel threatened by challenging ideas.

The big worry should be, nothing will come of it all. Okay then on to Stage 2: How many finishing schools for no-brain enforcers, as opposed to actual universities, does a country need? (Think of a number between -1 and 0… )

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See also: At Nature: Waging war on the science deniers! Sadly, there is a war on science, of sorts, afoot. Social justice warriors, for example, are taking dead aim at math. And at objectivity generally. It’s as if, unable or unwilling to even name, let alone withstand the threat, establishment science types hope to distract themselves with a different story until it goes away. Good luck with that. SJWs see that science has funding. And they always need more money.


Jerry Coyne Discovers The Lack Of Intellectual Freedom On Campus


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