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New goal: 66k animal genomes mapped


File:DNA simple.svg Earlier this month, 15 genomes were released.

The Vertebrate Genomes Project aims to sequence every extant vertebrate species—there are about 66,000—and to make them of the highest possible value.

“What we thought was a ‘genome’ back [when G10K was launched] really wasn’t suitable for in-depth studies,” G10K cofounder David Haussler, a computational biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, tells Science. “I think we’ve reached a turning point.” Jef Akst, “Massive Animal Sequencing Effort Releases First Set of Genomes” at The Scientist

Given how much genome mapping has done to debunk straightforward Darwinism, just from the genomes released to date, however complete, one can only guess at what all 66k would do.

It was nice to see the Canada lynx in the mix of the newly released ones.

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