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New monument to Alfred Russel Wallace


In Sulawesi, Indonesia. Wallace, Darwin’s ignored co-discoverer, had explored a good deal in that area:

A very impressive 1.5 meter tall bust of Wallace on a 2.6 meter high plinth was inaugurated on the 21st February 2019 at the well known Tangkoko Nature Reserve in north-east Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is certainly the largest and most imposing monument to Wallace in the world so far. It is also the first bust or 3D likeness of him outside the UK and the first monument to him in Wallacea, the biogeographical region which is named in his honour. George Beccaloni, “Impressive New Monument to Alfred Russel Wallace in Sulawesi, Indonesia” at The Alfred Russel Wallace Website

Interesting coincidence with finding Wallace’s (thought-extinct) bee. Much else of interest in the linked article.

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Science Journalist Michael Shermer Would Like To Have A Beer With Alfred Russel Wallace. But Would Wallace Decline?  Wallace had to be sidelined because he was not a philosophical naturalist (nature is all there is, often called “materialism”) and was never willing to make a religion out of natural selection.


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