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New Peer-Reviewed Paper Challenges Darwinian Evolution


Over recent months, papers challenging key elements of Darwinian theory — the kind of papers which are supposed not to exist — have increasingly been slipping through the net and finding their way into the peer-reviewed literature. One such paper, “Is gene duplication a viable explanation for the origination of biological information and complexity?,” authored by Joseph Esfandier Hannon Bozorgmeh and published online last week in the journal, Complexity, challenges the standard gene duplication/divergence model regarding the origin of evolutionary novelty. Read More>>>

Joseph, Very interesting article, thanks for the post. This deserves a UD thread on its own. Here is the most interesting quote it had:
A critical mistake of the theory of evolution was the assumption that completely distinct organisms could evolve from one common ancestor
Somebody ought to print this article and stamp it on Richard Dawkins' face! Shogun
Hey, hey, hey- Genome Data Proves False the Theory of Evolution, New Theory Shows Complex Animals and Plants Originated from Prebiotic Chemistry All 3 papers can be downloaded... Joseph
Gene duplication- it needs to have the binding site duplicated along with it and even then all you have is another existing protein free to diffuse about the cell. Joseph
In reality, evolution by duplication and modification of an existing function can only be accomplished by intelligent agents, most notably demonstrated in television serials and romance novels. SCheesman
I guess if the author has written something like "Gene duplication is the Hail Mary pass of Darwinian evolution of the genome" the paper wouldn't have passed peer-review, even though it would have been a more accurate statement, so the actual wording is quite understandable. SCheesman
From the abstract:
Therefore, although the process of gene duplication and subsequent random mutation has certainly contributed to the size and diversity of the genome, it is alone insufficient in explaining the origination of the highly complex information pertinent to the essential functioning of living organisms.
Even the first sentence is a stretch, likely inserted as a sop to the vigilante Darwinians. "Has certainly". How can you be so certain? Name one instance! SCheesman

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