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    johnnyb says:

    If you aren’t on iTunes, you can go to the Podcast page to get a direct link. I also have it on YouTube, but haven’t decided if I’m going to keep publishing there or not. Uploading to YouTube actually doubles (or more) my total production time.

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    rorydaulton says:

    I have tried the Podcast page and cannot find a way to download the podcast as an .MP3 or similar format without subscribing at Apple of the like. How can this be done?

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    johnnyb says:

    What are you using to podcast? It’s registered with several of the players already, so you may be able to search for “BP Mindcast”. Otherwise, use the link on the page as the “RSS URL” or whatever it is called on your podcast player for loading custom podcasts. I’ll paste it below.


    If you let me know what player you are using I can give you specific instructions.

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    johnnyb says:

    Also, if you just want individual episodes, you can use the YouTube link:


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    rorydaulton says:

    I use VLC Media Player, so I just want to save an episode as a separate audio-only .MP3 or perhaps .M4A file. I may listen to it on my computer or my mobile phone, so I just want a separate file to be played with a music app.

    I finally found how to save an episode as an .M4A file, so I am good now. By the way, your link in #3 just loads the XML file for viewing on my system–not very useful. I don’t know if others can use that link.

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    johnnyb says:

    By the way, I googled you, and noticed you’re a calculus teacher. As a shameless plug, if you are looking for a new calculus book, let me recommend mine!

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