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New Research on Animal Egg Orientation

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When the first cell of an animal—the zygote—divides, it usually has a front end, and a back end, and this orientation will influence how the embryo develops. This orientation is inherited from the egg, where certain gene products are deposited, often at the front end of the egg. These so-called … read more

6 Replies to “New Research on Animal Egg Orientation

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    jawa says:

    As the paper admits, this diversity of anterior determinants was “unexpected.” What the authors do not explain is why these findings are “unexpected.” Understanding this is crucial in order to appreciate fully the research.

    When evolutionists refer to results as “unexpected,” they don’t usually elaborate because what they mean is that are “unexpected” according to their theory. In other words, the theory of evolution does not predict such findings

    Ok, that explains why they’re so “surprised” finding “unexpected” results.

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    PavelU says:

    Maybe Dr Hunter and his friends will find this paper “surprisingly unexpected” according to the pseudoscientific ID postulates?

    Here’s the link:

    Note that the authors provide solid evidences to support their reasonable claims in their peer-reviewed paper.

    Does Dr Hunter and his ID friends have any counter argument that makes sense?

    Sorry to disappoint you.

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    bornagain77 says:

    PavelU, and you think that paper is a problem for ID how exactly? It is all speculation based on intelligently designed computer simulations for crying out loud.

    You do realize that ‘just so story’ telling is NOT science do you not?

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    Latemarch says:


    Note that the authors provide solid evidences to support their reasonable claims in their peer-reviewed paper.

    Reasonable claims?
    Like enzymes just hanging around hydrothermal vents waiting to catalyze….what exactly?
    The emergence of information….huh…it just shows up. What a happy coincidence.

    I think that this paper is a damning testimony to the current state of peer review.

  5. 5
    es58 says:

    Big Endian – Little Endian – the adventure (war) continues

  6. 6
    drc466 says:

    The simplest response to the kind of paper you present (and there are TONS of papers like that) is this: “Fine. Now you have a computer model. Make it happen in a lab.”
    Even if they could (narrator: they can’t), it would simply show that ID is required to make such a process work (since it is a fair assumption they weren’t planning on just dumping a bunch of chemicals into a pot and waiting for their computer model to kick in).

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