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New role for RNA: alerting cell to genome damage

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DNA molecule unwinding/National Human Genome Research Institute

From “RNA: From Messenger to Guardian of Genome Integrity” (ScienceDaily, May 23, 2012), we learn,

For decades the scientific community has attributed a role to RNA that is subordinate to that of DNA: the functional processes of expression of genetic information into proteins. With some known exceptions, such as the classes of tRNA and rRNA involved in the synthesis of proteins, RNA molecules were considered “fleeting” messengers necessary to carry genetic instructions from the nucleus, site of the genome, to the cytoplasm where proteins, the scaffolding of living organisms, are produced.

In recent years, this simplistic view has given way to an increasingly complex scenario, with the identification of new RNA classes involved in numerous cellular events.

One in particular, however, had never been identified or described to date: it is DDRNA, a class of non protein-coding RNAs that are generated every time the genome is damaged. They originate from the same sequence of DNA damaged and have the essential task of launching the molecular alarms through which the cell detects the problem and resolves it by repairing the damage.

So let’s see: DNA used to be full of junk  (alleged evidence for Darwinism). RNA used to be gofer (alleged evidence for an RNA world).

The best solution for Darwin’s establishment is to get the concept of evidence undermined.

Oh, wait …

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    bornagain77 says:

    OT: Sneak peek at Dr. Stephen Meyer’s upcoming book:
    Dr. Stephen Meyer: Why Are We Still Debating Darwin? pt. 2 – podcast

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    Chance Ratcliff says:

    bornagain77, thanks for the update! I can’t wait for the book.

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