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From The Best Schools: Gifted neurosurgeon Ben Carson fails Political Correctness 101 at Emory U

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Michael Ruse, considered one of the world’s leading Darwinian philosophers, has said that very thing in a 1985 article co-authored with Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson:

Ethics as we understand it is an illusion fobbed off on us by our genes to get us to co-operate.

and he continues to be a keynote speaker at prestigious conferences. He restated this position in a book published in 2011:

The thought that there is something more—the thought needed to make normative ethics function—is an illusion.(1)

So if Carson thinks that “Darwinian evolution, or any form of pure materialism, undermines the basis of ethics,” he could call Ruse as a witness. I have looked into this subject in depth and find that most Darwinist biologists attempt to understand ethics along lines similar enough to Ruse’s view that Carson could call them as witnesses too.

Darwin’s Emory Five Hundred do not like the logical implications of what they believe. As their letter to the Emory Wheel (4/27/2012), originally published by four aggrieved biologists, put it, …


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