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Science won’t make us better people?

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No kidding.

Further to New Scientist commands!: Adjust moral compass: Line up and listen (we’ll be hearing way more ), the ever obliging mag chimes in.

We can’t rely on science alone to make us better people

But even the tabloids know better than that.

Our sense of right and wrong is often inadequate for modern challenges. But the combination of rationality and humanity can lead us to more effective morality

Nope. What is lacking in these fatuous claims is free will, which most of their go-for-quotes people don’t likely  believe in.

One would think centuries of bloodshed in favour of more “scientific” regimes would lead us to doubt.

How come no one ever says more “evidence-based” regimes?

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5 Replies to “Science won’t make us better people?

  1. 1
    Seversky says:

    Science won’t make us better people?

    Whoever said it would?

  2. 2
    JDH says:


    The problem is not that people believe that science will make us better people, The problem is that scientism believes that belief in God makes worse people.

    If getting rid of religion really made better people than ethical and moral increase would be the hallmark of the age. The fact that science does not create moral and ethical progress, is one more of the many, many empirical evidences against scientism as a correct worldview.

  3. 3
    Seversky says:

    A scientific perspective on religion could be based on the observation that it has flourished and continues to do so in human cultures worldwide. Unfortunately, for those who hold that theirs is the One True Faith, it is not all the same religion. So while religion in general seems to have survival value, it doesn’t seem to matter much which one it is.

    As for human behavior, from a scientific perspective religious belief seems to amplify both the good and the bad traits that are already in people. So faith can inspire some people to do great and selfless work to benefit their fellow man but it can also be used by others to justify the most appalling atrocities.

    For religious belief to have survived successfully for so long suggests that on balance it is of benefit to human society and that some faiths have been more durable than others. It doesn’t seem indicate that any one faith is better in some way than the others, however.

  4. 4
    Virgil Cain says:

    How did we get from this:

    We can’t rely on science alone to make us better people. (bold added)

    To this:

    Science won’t make us better people?

    Science makes us better people, it just doesn’t do so all by itself.

  5. 5
    JimFit says:

    Science is a tool NOT a moral compass.

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