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New Scientist has seen signs of a mirror universe touching our own


So cool it’s got to be true:

The uncanny world on the other side of the mirror may not seem real to you. But Leah Broussard thinks parallel universes where everything is flipped might be very real indeed. Along with her colleagues at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, she is on the hunt for a universe that is identical to our own, but flipped so that it contains mirror atoms, mirror molecules, mirror stars and planets, and even mirror life. If it exists, it would form a bubble of reality nestling within the fabric of space and time alongside our own familiar universe, with some particles capable of switching between the two.

Michael Brooks, “We’ve seen signs of a mirror-image universe that is touching our own” at New Scientist

Broussard is about to do tests to find out if it is true. That’s fun, of course, but in reality, no one can prove it false and it will therefore always be real when cosmologists need it.

It would be still more fun to see Sabine Hossenfelder tackle this one.

See also: Sabine Hossenfelder summarizes multiverse theories, asks: Science or fiction? But with respect to the simulation multiverse: Why could there not be countless, helplessly infinite, simulations of the simulations as well?

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and why this is supposed to be science.

All right I just read the article and their versions of tantalizing evidence is the decay of neutrinos I am actually really shocked this even got published and this is not the first time this is been suggested In 2017 this theory was put forward in a similar way I believe UD covered it Another part of this observed proof, was a mathematical model of quantum physics suggested A mirror universe. I believe there was a certain mathematician that I shall not name that put forward a mathematical proof that claimed God existed It was promptly disregarded as proof Even though the equation ran well on an iPad Note the mathematical model was not refuted nor was it wrong it’s just not proof of God I’m sorry I’m about to get salty here, but I hope they poke a hole into another dimension and demons and all manner of horrors start spilling out of it. That would be a trip. Straight Out of Stephen Kings “the mist” AaronS1978
OMG! A scientist has actually seen a phenomenon? Not a computer simulation? We won't know how to act! SmartAZ
Slick emoji there sir So the title of this article says they have seen signs of this mirror universe but they haven’t found it and they haven’t tested for it yet that name Leah Broussard Sounds very familiar, I wonder if she’s that crack pot scientist that’s all about dark flow. Well if it’s truly a mirror in a parallel universe her evil twin will be doing the exact same experiment and her universes will collide in a very short period of time AaronS1978
That would explain where all the anti-matter went. ";^) Latemarch

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