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New type of blood vessel discovered, hidden in bones

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(Grüneboom et al./Nature Metabolism)

It might require researchers to rethink basic structure and function of the skeleton:

In a new study, researchers in Germany report finding a previously undetected network of fine blood vessels that act like a secret tunnelling system inside bone, helping blood and immune cells spread efficiently and rapidly throughout the body… Gunzer was studying fluorescent-dyed blood cells in mice, and observed them under the microscope appearing to pass through what should have been solid bone.

Unable to discover anything in medical literature that could explain the phenomenon, he devised a new research project to explore what was going on. Peter Dockrill, “A Totally New Type of Blood Vessel Has Been Discovered Hidden in Human Bones” at ScienceAlert

That was smart.

There are other very recent new discoveries as well:

Last year another group found mice have similar capillaries between brain tissue and bone marrow inside the plates that make up their skull . When mice were made to have a stroke or meningitis, immune cells from their skull used this route to reach the brain, presumably responding to the damage. But it’s unknown if people also have these blood vessels in their skull. Clare Wilson, “We’ve discovered a new type of blood vessel in our bones” at New Scientist

We are still finding new, complex, interlocking systems in our bodies and still hearing people like Nathan Lents insist, as in his Human Errors: A Panorama of Our Glitches, from Pointless Bones to Broken Genes, that they are badly designed.

But then why should fact matter so much in the face of fashionable opinion?

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