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Scientific racism and the Tree of Life

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A scout sends us this:


William K. Gregory (1876–1970)

Our Face from Fish to Man: A Portrait Gallery of our Ancient Ancestors and Kinsfolk Together with a Concise History of our Best Features
New York, London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1929

“Written in the aftermath of legislation outlawing the teaching of evolution in some American states, this book exploits the fascination of transatlantic readers with their own faces to draw them into a sophisticated account of the development of the vertebrate head. The author, a leading naturalist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, ends by speculating on what the face of the white race will look like in a million years if attempts at eugenic purification are successful.”

First, the good news: No one with any social standing takes this kind of thing seriously any more. Now the bad news: What difference has it made in our understanding of our ancestors?

Consider, for example, the role that racism played in assessing the evidence around Neanderthal man.

Darwin Day is, once again, just around the corner (Tuesday, February 12). In the United States:

While the celebration of Charles Darwin’s life and work has been done sporadically since he died in 1882, it would be many years before an official holiday commemorating him would be created. Over the years it was recognized by numerous groups of scientists, academics and by universities all over the globe. In the United States, it was made an official holiday due to House Resolution 67 which designated February 12 as Darwin Day in the United States in 2015. More.

Human Zoos

Lincoln’s birthday is the same day. Popular fluff often links the two. Sometimes for political reasons. Wikipedia’s Darwinists have even written fiction about Darwin’s influence on Lincoln. But then Darwinians are probably covered by the cosmologists’ “the artistic license to lie.”

Hey, it’s the Narrative, right? What else matters to them?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos and “the artistic license to lie” One thing readers may not know is that, in a series that leaned heavily on the supposed conflict between religion and science, obvious and widely noted misrepresentations were excused in the service of a “greater truth”


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