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No evidence found for key theory about the fabric of space time

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WMap 7-year data
WMap 7-year data
In “Space ‘textures’ nearly ruled out in WMap study” (BBC News , 13 June 2012), Jason Palmer reports,

The very fabric of space is not as “knotted” as some theories predict it should be, say researchers.

Just after the Big Bang, the Universe began to coalesce into the structure we see today, which in some theories would result in knots or “textures”.

The warm glow left over from that is now spread across all of space, and is used to test theories of those moments.

But a close study of this glow reported in Physical Review Letters has found no evidence of these textures.

Rob Sheldon notes,

These results from WMAP used to support “inflation” remind me of how everything in biology supports evolution. If we found knots in the data, this would have confirmed predictions of inflation. If we don’t find them, then this confirms inflation. If we find knots, this confirms that dark matter was present in the early universe. If we don’t find knots, this confirms our model of dark matter in the early universe.

I didn’t think physicists had devolved to the level of evolutionists, but this article depresses me. It looks as if inflation and multi-verse theories are non-falsifiable.

Sure. In a different universe they are true.

(sorry for my english) Yes Sheldon, there is another falacious consensus explaining everything outside this tiny blue planet in this way : everything must be at random and from nothing. BTW the WMAP is used for many creationist for demonstrate that the earth is near the centre of this universe (the darwinist can reply that if there are infinite universes, is not surprising that in this fine adjusted one, we have another surprising random in that curious manner) creatoblepas
Space time fabric is diaphanous. Mung

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