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    Robert Byers says:

    I got banned at biologos with no explanation.
    I was a YEC guy who welcomed and defended their attempts to lead, pull, evangelicals in the Evolution (Genesis wrong) universe.
    i believe that truth prevails over untruth and so the more attention the more the result approaches.

    they present themselves as evangelicals but not any types I ever met.
    fine to believe in evolution etc but they attack all scripture being the word of God and true.
    They try to say nothing in genesis is true. Yet somehow still ‘the word of God”.
    I don;t trust some of them at the top but they get lots of people that are okay.
    As okay as non YEC people are okay.

    It makes sense to me that stirring up these issues brings progress for the tribes of creationism.
    If we are right and they are wrong then fair investigation and trial will beat a attrition on them and bring change on conclusions in subjects dealing with origins.

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