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Looking for a career in science?

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This guy will cheer you up, if nothing lese:

Government scientist: Working as a government scientist is a great idea, because the government is really popular right now. Read any newspaper and you’ll see stories about how much people love and trust the government.


Adjunct teaching: Ah, the free life of an adjunct instructor! Adjuncting offers freedom from the tenure struggle, freedom from the stifling responsibilities of a full-time professor, and freedom from the burden of income. As an adjunct, you’ll bounce among the local colleges, teaching classes on six different campuses a day, but you’ll know that you no longer have to worry about pointless things like research — all that matters is whether you can convince a classroom of 18-year-olds not to plagiarize their take-home exams. (You can’t.)

If you’re still there, at least you’ll know you love science.


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