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Off-Topic: Ahhh, The Madness of March!


This has absolutely nothing to do with intelligent design, but I just had to share it. It’s the final 45.6 seconds of Saturday’s NCAA D-II men’s basketball national championship game between The Bulldogs of Barton College and the Warriors of Winona State University. Bear in mind as you watch this that Winona State is on a D-II record 57 game winning streak. I love March!!!

Actually, this post is relevant to ID: just as ID is an underdog (cf. the Bulldogs) which in the eyes of Darwinists and media commentators is destined to lose, destiny may have a trick to play on them. Keep this video in mind in coming months as ID keeps taking hits, and as you do, keep smiling! March Madness -- one of the things that keeps America great. William Dembski
Thanks for posting crandaddy. This was refreshing!!! scordova
Since it's an off-topic post: The situation over at telicthoughts.com is pretty rough. Not even enjoyable to go there that much anymore. Endless bickering. Relatively few updates; but when they do come you can be sure that the endless bickering will sludge things up quite abit. Tedsenough
Yes, that indeed made me go WOW! I don't think I could have ever written that script myself, and if I did, everyone would have laughed at me saying its just too improbable, and totally hollywood. Yet, that is the beauty of March madness, this stuff happens every few games - its incredible! ajl

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