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[Off Topic] Parents of College Freshman to be, Beware

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Jody Bottum is one of the best writers we have.   I believe this even when I disagree with him, which is more often than one might think.  Today’s piece in “On the Square” is a gem.

Barry could you please pass this to the webmaster for UcD. Many times I have wanted to RSS subscribe to UcD comments and have been unable. I always get the main posts or entries. Have tried both with IE and Firefox in both cases using Goodle Reader plus one time I tried using my email RSS News and Blog reader. Maybe there is a way to email the webmaster but it is not obvious. Dave W gingoro
wonders=wanders DATCG
The truth is... most of those wolfish boys? They don't know what they're doing either. They get caught up in the "progressive," faux-liberal culture of psuedo-freedom. Some will return to their roots eventually as they grow and mature. Others will be lost forever. This is one in millions of examples of a nation being torn apart, by first tearing apart the family. It creates the zombie-life of failed nations that become dependent upon socialist governments for their feed, shelter, knowledge and opinions. A nation of slaves. But hey... use a condom and you're "free." A nation of non-responsibility. Where the boys are taught not to be responsible for that pregnancy and move on to get another pregnant. Abortions skyrocket, single parenthood skyrockets and even more boys are created without role models, without a clue of leadership, virtues, morals, because, with no men to look up to, they turn to cultural idols. A nation of broken souls listly wonders into self-destruction, electing their prison keepers. DATCG
Here's the comment I posted re Bottum's article: She had a kid? Not an abortion? Best decision she ever made. Look, I share a house with my mom (85) and go out to visit my dad (91) every week. Aborted kids can pray for you in heaven, but they can't open jars for you or follow you around in a walker or dial up your sibs on the cell phone. Please, people, don't listen to anyone who says, don't have kids for the sake of the environment. WHOSE environment? Not yours. I totally agree that that girl would have been better off with a decent guy, but that's not all there is to the story. She won't be the worse for having a kid who cares. O'Leary
Here is a brand new song that seems appropriate for young Christians entering "life" as college freshmen. No Matter What - Kerrie Roberts http://musicremedy.com/audio/index.cfm?fuseaction=showaudioplayer&audioid=44436&quality=14 bornagain77

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