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Upcoming Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies Volume to Focus on Intelligent Design

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The next volume of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is going to focus on evolution and Intelligent Design, as well as the interweaving of the two. For those who are unaware, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (JIS) is a publication of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IIR), and has been in publication since 1989, and has contributors from around the world. The last issue, for instance, had contributors from Romania, Poland, and the US, including institutions such as Loyola and Princeton, as well as a paper by Templeton Prize winner Michael Novak. According to the IIR website:

It is becoming increasingly clear that neither man nor his world can be fully understood from the standpoint of any single discipline. A curious parochialization of understanding has attended the compartmentalization of knowledge along academic disciplines, fields, and subfields, and their insulation from transcendental values and faith. Undoubtedly, specialization is necessary to advance knowledge. However, there is an equally urgent need at the dawn of the Third Millennium for an integral vision of man and his world expressed in a dialogue between civilizations, cultures, and scientific disciplines. Hence, IIR is dedicated to rekindling the spirit of free inquiry and academic excellence via research, publications, conferences, and public discussion.

The IIR is a Christian organization, but the JIS accepts papers from people of all faiths or none.

The upcoming volume, from what I understand, will be over 200 pages, and will include a number of papers from a variety of perspectives. There will be one about envisioning a larger theoretical framework for theistic evolution, a paper on irreducible complexity, and several other items of interest to those thinking about Intelligent Design and evolution.

For those who are interested, you can go here and order a subscription online ($15 for a personal subscription, and $25 to become a member of the IIR and get a subscription). If you want to know the history of the journal, you can look at its archives. It should be a fabulous read for anyone interested in Intelligent Design and/or evolution from an interdisciplinary perspective.


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