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On Comparing Dotted Apples With Solid Oranges

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This time the climate alarmist Chicken Littles are lauding a cartoon.  Yes, you read that right, a cartoon.  But the cartoon is fundamentally false in that it links two wildly different kinds of data sets on the same line and pretends they are the same.  Robert Tracinski sets them right here.




johnnyb, Yup. That stood out to me as well. That seems to so perfectly sum up so many in the "I love science" internet crowd. It's just intellectual virtue signalling by a bunch of line-towing pseudo-intellectuals. HeKS
My favorite part of the article:
The problem is the facile culture of fake science fans who are gulled into proselytizing for somebody’s political agenda, and all because they want to skip out on the work of understanding where the data comes from and what it actually means, while still patting themselves on the back about how intensely they love science
This more realistic version really changes the picture entirely. HeKS

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