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On the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for designing molecular machines ….


Jean-Pierre SauvageSir J. Fraser StoddartBernard L. Feringa Awarded to Drs. Frasier Stoddart, Ben Feringa, and Jean-Pierre Sauvage. From Akshat Rathi at Quartz:

Stoddart’s inspiration came from nature. All life is powered by tiny biological machines that nature has had billions of years to perfect. The most fundamental processes of life, such as translating genetic code to make proteins or ensuring that cellular waste is recycled, require the use of molecular machines, which are 10,000 times smaller than a human hair, and function only on chemical energy.

“Stoddart wanted to use chemistry to make similar-sized machines that would do our bidding. Like traditional machines, these would need parts, motors and a source of energy, but doing so on a molecular level is far more complicated.” More.

Notice how the copy so naturally writes itself: “Nature” has had “billions of years tp perfect” these machines. But there is no evidence that “nature” is an agent or that, by themselves, billions of years do anything. If there were, the galaxy would be teeming with life.

What “nature” has created is far more complex than machines we know to depend on intelligence and design. And no matter how absurd the conundrum, the science writer has a duty to go on believing, believing.

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So I guess that means the Creator gets the Mother of all Nobel Prizes for all the molecular machines He designed to get life going! tjguy
"No matter how absurd the conundrum, the science writer has a duty to go on believing, believing." Oh, the irony of it all. Atheists exhibiting blind, undying faith in something unseen and unproven. Fools are barking up the wrong tree, but too stupid to realize it. Truth Will Set You Free
'Mother Nature', please. Though it should be remembered that her maternal instincts are just a hormonal thang. Axel

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