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One explanation for the matter-antimatter discrepancy in the universe is ruled out


At the Big Bang, why didn’t matter and antimatter cancel each other out?

The latest findings come from scientists at the ALPHA experiment at CERN near Geneva, who report in the journal Nature that they were able to suspend atoms of the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen, antihydrogen, for hundreds of hours in a vacuum. Doing so allowed them to observe that in antihydrogen—which is composed of an antiproton and a positron, the electron’s antiparticle—jumps in energy levels known as the Lamb shift were identical to those seen in hydrogen. This symmetry rules out one of the possible answers to the matter-antimatter discrepancy.

Jonathan O’Callaghan, “Physicists Come Closer to Answering Question of Antimatter’s Scarcity” at Scientific American

We are told that thousands of anti-hydrogen atoms have now been captured and stored, though it isn’t easy.

I don’t think they’ve come closer and I do understand that science is about both eliminating and finding the answers to the questions But all they did in this article was actually eliminate an answer so I wouldn’t say they’ve come closer to answering the question they just made one possible answer not possible anymore AaronS1978

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