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Oops: “A Large Proportion of the Mammalian Genome is Functional”

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No sooner had Dan Graur finished his talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution this week on how if ENCODE’s conclusion (that much of our genome is functional rather than junk) is true, then evolution is false, but that ENCODE most assuredly is not true, that the human genome is small, low on genes, unoriginal and repetitive, and that junk DNA is a known known, then new research out of John Mattick’s lab took the next step in the inexorable march of science showing that, once again, it’s not good to bet against Mother Nature. While Graur argued that only about 5% of our genome can be functional because, after all, the pufferfish’s genome is way larger than ours and we surely we can’t believe in human exceptionalism and Goldilockism (which certainly got some laughs in Chicago), Mattick and crew reported on actual experiments suggesting that, err, “a large proportion of the mammalian genome is functional.”  Read more

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