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And now … Lazarus DNA?


At Darwin’s God, reporting on a recent talk by Dan Graur, foe of Encode and junk DNA defender, Cornelius Hunter notes a category of Darwin’s DNA new to those of us, who are still swatting “junk DNA”, Lazarus DNA:

The human genome must be full of junk DNA, indifferent DNA, garbage DNA and yes, Lazarus DNA (junk DNA that has gained some kind of function).

So let’s see:

If DNA has a function we know of, natural selection explains it, and that proves Darwin right. If it doesn’t have a function we know of, it is junk, which proves Darwin right about the absence of design. If it didn’t have a function we know of before but does have one we have recently discovered, that proves Darwin right too because it shows that Darwinian evolution happens.

Actually if a theory can’t be wrong, it also can’t be right. It can, however, be irrelevant,, except in the increasing number of jurisdictions where such grand tautologies are mandated by law for the school system.

It's been about 10 years since the human genome was mapped, and yet much about how it functions is little understood as yet. Scientists are still trying to figure out where all the genes are and what they do. And the genes comprise only a small part of the DNA strand. What about all those long stretches that do not contain genes? Scientists have called those parts junk DNA, but more recently they have been modifying that stance. Those parts may control how and to what extent the genes are used. And even if scientists could create a full model of the DNA and the machines that copy and proofread it, could they make it actually function as the real one does? Barb

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