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Palmer Study Course On Intelligent Design: Human Exceptionalism 6, Part 1


In this session, we explore the best known “Just-So” story of all, “Ape-to-Man”. Part 1 begins with the “Ape to Man” narrative, then reviews existing hominid fossils. We look at the circular reasoning Darwinists use to claim that the existence of ancient primate fossils proves humans are descended from apes. In Part 2, we consider the alleged genetic similarity between chimps and humans. Then we look at what makes humans unique in the created order.

Discussion Questions

Includes: Darwin claimed that bipedality would have been the first indication of apes evolving into humans. But after searching for evidence of increasing bipedality, the best scientists can do is claim that hominids were facultatively (optionally) bipedal. All apes today are facultatively bipedal. Is that a convincing argument that humans and apes are closely related? What other fossil evidence shows us the distinct difference between apes and humans?

Note from UD: Human exceptionalism has — as a factual state of affairs — produced some of the most nonsensical claims by way of supposed refutation that have ever been made about anything. Try this one, for example:

Chimps who can’t crack nuts prove they are more like humans? Huh? The lengths to which some researchers will go to attempt to discredit human exceptionalism are an assault on reason and common sense. The fact that no chimpanzee figured out on its own how to crack a nut using a stone does NOT make them more like humans, rather less.

Everyone knows that chimps should be eating bananas, not nuts. Bananas were specially created just for chimps. If God wanted chimps to eat nuts, he would have given them nut crackers... Why on earth, if as ID and DI claim, ID is not religion but science, is the opening slide to "Introduction to Intelligent Design" Michelangelo's depiction of the creation in the Sistine Chapel? You couldn't come up with something more iconically Christian than that if you tried, with the possible exception of a really gory crucifixion icon. Poor marketing.... chuckdarwin

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