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“Paste Baby” Epidemic in Europe. FDA Mandates More Detailed Label Warning in America.


“Many Paste Babies are being born with advanced maturity, well developed personalities, and mature physical features,” said Casey Skinlu, a spokesman for the FDA who is now cracking down on Mutation Paste in America.
More details are at TheBRITES.org

That picture is obviously a fake. Everybody knows Mutation Pasteâ„¢ adds more arms and legs to infants. angryoldfatman
"now, if I use this mutation paste, eat eagles for dinner everynight, will my children fly? hehe…" No need to eat eagles - just use the paste and hope for a few lucky mutations that enable flight. Who knows, maybe the paste will evolve some new type of propulsion system that far surpasses anything we humans could intelligently design. That'd be super. shaner74
What else would Rowan Atkinson have looked like as a baby? :) ReligionProf
"Casey Skinlu" Hm. Is this an anagramatic hint that tells us anything about Gloppy? jb
Cool, new login. Puts a whole new meaning to "Beanie Babies" Ha! ;-) ooo, ugly creature. / offtopic. Psssst, where is Dave Scot with latest report from NSF on Soot and global warming? http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=109712&org=NSF&from=news / ontopic. now, if I use this mutation paste, eat eagles for dinner everynight, will my children fly? hehe... Michaels7
This is brilliant. Perhaps Mr Bean is not in the USA -- just take a look at him on YouTube. I laughed and laughed just looking at the pictures! Brilliant. Robo
Daniel: you just have to follow the link by clicking on the pic Borne
GAAAAAAA!!! THAT'S AN UGLY BABY!!! :-P crandaddy
There seems to be a tendency to post "inside jokes" on this forum. For those of us who are casual visitors, it would be helpful if the context were made more explicit. (But only if you wish to communicate to us unwashed.) Thank you. Dan Daniel King

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