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Paul Nelson: ID in Brazil



I have seen the future of intelligent design. It is young, passionately South American, speaks Portuguese, and is not lobbying to get ID into schools. What’s more, that future is very friendly, smart, and loves a good discussion during a great meal. Brazilian churrasco and lively conversation about design — what more could one want?

A couple of days ago, I returned from the inaugural congress of the Sociedade Brasileira do Design Inteligente. Figure 1 shows my new favorite mug (of course I picked up a T-shirt with the same design). More.

Careful, Paul. We mustn’t move untrained troops up to the front too quickly.

That said, the big thing is that the Brazilians are comparatively young. So many hardline Darwinists are retiring. Eugenie Scott, for example, retired, leaving only “aren’t I good?” girls in place.

Cautionary tale: failing Barnes and Noble reassigns ID books to places where customers can’t easily and obviously find them, and shelves atheist books with “science.” Amazon, which allows actual categories like “paleontology” to rule, was doing just fine. But some may prefer to go out of business showing the naturalist flag.

Brazilians, if you want the freedom to consider evidence rather than ideology, you probably must fight to keep it.

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https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/brazilian-journalist-science-and-freedom-walk-hand-in-hand/#comment-518610 One of the most popular songs in Brazil starts with an explicit reference to God's blessings and their country's natural beauty. The above link shows that part of the mentioned lyrics in their original language (Portuguese). :) Perhaps someday someone will demand that the reference to God in that popular song be removed or else the song banned? Who knows? We have seen recent precedents in other places, haven't we? Dionisio
yup. the minute the establishment senses a serious intellectual threat to some conclusion it holds THEN the state censorship will come down on the green troops. I hope brazil does take on the bad guys. brazil has of late become a more successful nation. So of coarse dumb ideas, like evolution etc, are going to get attacked. Robert Byers

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