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Physicist David Snoke: Living systems must obey the same rules as Maxwell’s demons

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So even demons must obey rules, just not the same ones?:

It is often argued both by scientists and the lay public that it is extremely unlikely for life or minds to arise spontaneously, but this argument is hard to quantify. In this paper I make this argument more rigorous, starting with a review of the concepts of information and entropy, and then examining the specific case of Maxwell’s demon and how it relates to living systems. I argue that information and entropy are objective physical quantities, defined for systems as a whole, which allow general arguments in terms of physical law. In particular, I argue that living systems obey the same rules as Maxwell’s demons.

David Snoke, “Spontaneous Appearance of Life and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” at BioCosmos (12 Apr 2022)

We remember David Snoke from stuff he wrote with Michael Behe and also from the Christian Scientific Society.

Seversky--I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I appreciate the humor.... chuckdarwin
This is not the same Snoke as Supreme Leader Snoke, is it? Seversky
I argue that this is irrelevant. polistra

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