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Physics Today publishes letters from a creationist geneticist and a pro-ID physicist

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Michael G. Todhunter, a creationist and geneticist had his letter to the editor published in Physics Today. He was responding to Addressing the public about science and religion by Murray Peshkin.

See: Volume 60, Issue 2, “Debate About Science and Religion Continues”

Being a PhD geneticist and a creationist, I was disappointed that Murray Peshkin did not give references for the statement “Hundreds of Darwin’s predicted missing links have been found.” I find quite the opposite.

The scientific turmoil behind whether birds are descendants of dinosaurs is but one example of how the popular press does not accurately reflect the disagreements in the scientific community. As Storrs Olson, curator of birds for the Smithsonian Institution, stated in a 1999 letter to National Geographic, “The idea of feathered dinosaurs and the theropod origin of birds is being actively promulgated by a cadre of zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature and National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased proselytizers of the faith. Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence have been among the first casualties in their program, which is now fast becoming one ofthe grander scientific hoaxes of our age-the paleontological equivalent of cold fusion.”

If Peshkin could provide some solid references, it would add credibilityto his opinion.

Also, equating Charles Darwin’s and Gregor Mendel’s theories does not work for me. Mendel observed inheritance patterns and developed a theory of Mendelian genetics, which is verifiable in simple reproducible experiments. His theory of genetic inheritance provides the mechanism for natural selection, which is observable. Darwin, on the other hand, postulated that natural selection would extend to species changes and therefore provide the mechanism for macroevolution. I have never found that to be observable. As traits are favored through selection, genetic information is reduced, not increased. Man’s very behavior exhibited through gene conservation activities is evidence that genetic information is not gained, as required for macroevolution to occur, but is actually lost.

Michael Todhunter
Bristol, Connecticut

In addition to publishing Todhunter’s letter, Physics Today published another letter by Moorad Alexanian (who is a signatory of the list mainted by

Note that consciousness and rationality are purely nonphysical….In addition, life cannot be reduced to the purely physical,so living beings are both physical and nonphysical.

Human rationality develops formal logic and creates mathematics to summarize data into laws of nature that lead to theoretical models covering a wide range of phenomena. However, scientists deal with secondary causes. First causes involve metaphysical (ontological)
questions, which regulate science. Without the ontological, neither the generalizations nor the historical propositions of the experimental sciences would be possible.

it ought to be emphasized that advances in medicine and other practical applications of biology are based essentially on the results of laboratory experiments and not the
history of the evolution of life on Earth.
“a proposition is not a scientific theory at all unless it’s falsifiable in principle.” ….[but] the claims made by those advocating evolutionary theory can never really be falsified.

Moorad Alexanian
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Bio of Todhunter (from AiG):

Michael Todhunter has spent 14 years in forest genetics research, industrial tree breeding research and project management. More specifically, he spent 5 of those years conducting research on genetics and physiology of black walnut trees, and 9 years of exotic species research, hardwood and southern pine improvement, and genetics research.

He spent the next 6 years as a statistical consultant and quality systems manager. He is currently President of the Mesa Consulting Group, Inc., which he founded in 1996. MCG’s primary business is consulting and training in applied statistical methods and comprehensive quality management systems for both manufacturing and service industries.

B.S., Forest Management, University of Missouri at Columbia, December 1974. Graduated cum laude.

M.S., Forest Genetics, University of Missouri at Columbia, December 1976.

Ph.D., Forest Genetics, Purdue University, May 1981.

Xi Sigma Pi, National Forestry Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Delta, National Agricultural Society
Phi Kappa Phi, National Science Honor Society
University Scholar, University of Missouri at Columbia, 1972-1974
Curators’ Scholar, University of Missouri at Columbia, 1971-1972
Phi Eta Sigma, National Honor Society

Bio of Moorad Alexian from his website:


1964 Ph.D., Indiana University
1962 M.S., Indiana University

1960 B.S., University of Rhode Island

1989-present Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

1986-1989 Chairman and Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

1984-1986 Visiting Professor of Physics, Southern Illinois University

1970-1986 Professor of Physics, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados, Mexico City

1980-1981 Visiting Professor of Physics, Montana State University

1964-1970 Senior Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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2 Replies to “Physics Today publishes letters from a creationist geneticist and a pro-ID physicist

  1. 1
    a5b01zerobone says:

    Here are a couple of interesting quotes from legit scientists rejecting the claim that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.

    “The hype about feathered dinosaurs in the exhibit currently on display at the National Geographic Society is even worse, and makes the spurious claim that there is strong evidence that a wide variety of carnivorous dinosaurs had feathers. A model of the undisputed dinosaur Deinonychus and illustrations of baby tyrannosaurs are shown clad in feathers, all of which is simply imaginary and has no place outside of science fiction.”

    “National Geographic has reached an all-time low for engaging in sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, tabloid journalism”

    Storrs L. Olson
    Smithsonian Institution

    “There are insurmountable problems with that theory beyond what we have just reported, there is the time problem in that superficially bird-like dinosaurs occurred some 25 million to 80 million years after the earliest known bird, which is 150 million years old”

    “close and detailed examination reveals many differences, Theropod dinosaurs, for example, had curved, serrated teeth, but the earliest birds had straight, unserrated peg-like teeth. They also had a different method of tooth implantation and replacement.”

    Dr. Alan Feduccia
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  2. 2
    a5b01zerobone says:

    Not only does Storrs L. Olson of the Smithsonian Institute reject the Bird-Dinosaur connection and feathered Dinosaurs but Dr. Alan Feduccia of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill does too.

    Wikipedia would have you believe that the scientific community had reached a definite consensus on the subject. They haven’t.

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