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Plant expert: Very ancient fungi made life possible for plants on Earth

A collage of five fungi (clockwise from top-left): a mushroom with a flat, red top with white-spots, and a white stem growing on the ground; a red cup-shaped fungus growing on wood; a stack of green and white moldy bread slices on a plate; a microscopic, spherical grey semitransparent cell, with a smaller spherical cell beside it; a microscopic view of an elongated cellular structure shaped like a microphone, attached to the larger end is a number of smaller roughly circular elements that collectively form a mass around it
examples of fungi/Borg Queen (CC)

From a plant soil expert:

Because of their delicate organic and decomposing nature, fossilised fungi are extremely rare. So rare, in fact, that a new discovery has just pushed back the earliest evidence of fungi by at least 500m years – doubling their age…

The first plants to emerge onto land 500m years ago formed intimate partnerships with fungi. Lacking roots, these early plants relied on their fungal partners to grow inside them and spread outwards into the primordial mineral soil. In a process known as biological weathering, fungal hyphae would secrete organic acids to dissolve rocks and extract nutrients held within. In return, the plants would transfer nutrients produced through photosynthesis to the fungi… It was previously thought that plants made the transition to terrestrial life simultaneously with aquatic fungal partners, but the new discovery opens up the possibility that Earth’s lands may have been already being prepared for successful plant life for hundreds of millions of years. Dissolving mineral-rich rocks and secreting carbon-based organic acids, we know that fungi were extremely important in converting barren lands into the fertile, carbon-rich soils we know today. It could be that the emergence of plant life was only made possible by aeons of groundwork by ancient fungal forefathers. Katie Field, “Complex life may only exist because of millions of years of groundwork by ancient fungi” at The Conversation

The history of life keeps changing on us. Much more stasis, much less Darwin.

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PavelU, That’s nonsense. Not even wrong. PeterA
This OP confirms Darwinian macroevolution, a scientific concept ID tried unsuccessfully to discredit. PavelU
Gee, ya might almost think that Somebody ARRANGED for the fun-guys to prep the beach before the arrival of the plants. I'm also gonna guess that without the fungal prep work, the plants would have all simply DIED on the cold, bare rocks. Kinda shapes up like a flowchart for a multi-step process. vmahuna

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