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Pro-ID Novel, Cave Painting by Roddy Bullock

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I’m pleased to point out one of the advertising sponsors of the Uncommon Descent website, Roddy Bullock, is also author of the pro-ID novel The Cave Painting

Cave Painting

If you ever wished for a fun way to learn about intelligent design, here it is . . . Written for readers of all ages, the updated second edition of The Cave Painting is particularly suitable for high school and college students desiring to understand the truth about evolution and intelligent design.

Non-fiction comprehensive end notes fully explain the allegorical content. With a Foreword by John H. Calvert, Managing Director of Intelligent Design Network, Inc., The Cave Painting is sure to become a valuable addition to your library. Ideal for: –Public school students who will not learn about alternatives to evolution in school –Home school students who wish to learn all the truth of origins –Parents and teachers desiring to be educated on the scientific, political, cultural, and ethical issues of evolution –Pastors and other clergy wishing to learn the issues, including the science behind their faith –Study groups –And more . . . all in a fun, engaging story! About The Cave Painting: Almost six hundred pages of serious fun, The Cave Painting is an allegorical novel exploring the intelligent design/evolution debate. With special emphasis on contemporary intelligent design theory the novel, together with comprehensive end notes, highlights the key shortcomings of current evolutionary theories in explaining the origin of specified complex things, whether they be cave paintings, or, by analogy, human beings. The fully documented end notes not only provide a thorough criticism of Darwinism but also detail the many scientific arguments for design. The book will appeal not only to those who simply seek to be entertained, but also to those who wish to deepen their understanding on how best to answer one of the greatest questions of all: Where do we come from?

Roddy is also the Executive Director of ID Network of Ohio which is part of the larger Intelligent Design Network. The Discovery Institute is the think tank for ID and organizations like the Intelligent Design Network, IDEA and ARN are out in the field helping to educate the public about ID.

Roddy and I share a similar vision for getting junior high and high school kids acquainted with ID. To that end I have joined an organization known as a Creation Forum of McLean University in Virginia. I met Roddy for the first time a few weeks ago in Ohio, and we talked about how we could partner to help reach out to the next generation. I look forward to serving as a fellow soldier with Roddy in the cause of truth.

I’ll be speaking at the Creation Forum of McLean University this Wednesday night, April 18, 2007 at 7:30 pm. I invite UD readers in the Virginia area to attend.

I will partly discuss the problem of evil. I think it appropriate in light of recent events. Before transferring to George Mason, I spent freshman year in Virginia Tech, and actually lived in Ambler Johnston, the building where today’s awful events began.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends involved and also to the Tech students who attended talks hosted and sponsored by the IDEA clubs of Virginia over the years.

Hey Salvador, MBC is my old church! It is good to hear you will be speaking there, but I wish I was still in the area to attend. (I'm down in Austin, TX now.) Thomas Woodward came to MBC about three years ago and spoke on ID. He also handed out copies of the Mystery of the Origins of Life DVD, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyway, I envy you your opportunity to spend some time with the wonderful people at MBC. I hope you enjoy it. Phinehas
Are there any reviews in the non-ID press? mgarelick
This might make good material for a Video series. What a great project for a University drama and Media Arts department! Salvador scordova
That sounds like fun. Hopefully one day I'll get around to reading it. UrbanMysticDee

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