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Projectiles found at 20 kya earlier than thought. An advantage for modern humans vs Neanderthals?


From ScienceDaily:

A team of Japanese and Italian researchers, including from Tohoku University, have evidenced mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe dating to 45,000-40,000 years — more than 20,000 years than previously thought. This study, entitled “The earliest evidence for mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe” published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, indicated that the spearthrower and bow-and-arrow technologies allowed modern humans to hunt more successfully than Neanderthals — giving them a competitive advantage. This discovery offered important insight to understand the reasons for the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans. Paper.paywall – Katsuhiro Sano, Simona Arrighi, Chiaramaria Stani, Daniele Aureli, Francesco Boschin, Ivana Fiore, Vincenzo Spagnolo, Stefano Ricci, Jacopo Crezzini, Paolo Boscato, Monica Gala, Antonio Tagliacozzo, Giovanni Birarda, Lisa Vaccari, Annamaria Ronchitelli, Adriana Moroni, Stefano Benazzi. The earliest evidence for mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2019; 3 (10): 1409 DOI: 10.1038/s41559-019-0990-3 More.

The thesis that modern humans had a competitive advantage in projectiles might be a bit hasty. One is reminded of the claim that modern humans could do art and Neanderthals couldn’t, and then we found Neanderthal art. Later, we might find Neanderthal projectiles from the same period. Then we could at least compare.

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Absence of evidence is evidence of absence, but not proof of absence. aarceng
good point about the cave art. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.. Pearlman
The gaps and sparsity of artifacts attest to The ice ages spanning 340 years (1657-1996 anno-mundi) and the not the 180k + consensus, as explained and referenced in Torah Discovery Chronology volume III of the YeC 'Moshe Emes' series for Torah and science alignment. 40-45k calibrated for max avail. science, facts and context is about when Ur was founded about 140 years prior to the 1996 AM start to the dispersion from Bavel.. Pearlman

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