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Proposed black hole information paradox solution: They become white holes

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According to a new paper, white holes, the theoretical opposite of black holes, may account for dark matter, and may even predate the universe. They may even, according to Carlo Rovelli, explain the direction of time:

A black hole is one prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Another is known as a white hole, which is like a black hole in reverse: Whereas nothing can escape from a black hole’s event horizon, nothing can enter a white hole’s event horizon.

In the 2014 study, Rovelli and his team suggested that, once a black hole evaporated to a degree where it could not shrink any further because space-time could not be squeezed into anything smaller, the dying black hole would then rebound to form a white hole.

These white holes would not emit any radiation, and because they are far smaller than a wavelength of light, they would be invisible. If a proton did happen to impact one of these white holes, the white hole “would simply bounce away,” Rovelli said. Charles Q. Choi, “‘White Holes’ May Be the Secret Ingredient in Mysterious Dark Matter” at Charles Q. Choi

If white holes predated the universe, Rovelli suggests, future research might show that they explain the direction of time. Here’s the paper (open access):

White Holes as Remnants: A Surprising Scenario for the End of a Black Hole

Eugenio Bianchi, Marios Christodoulou, Fabio D’Ambrosio, Hal M. Haggard, Carlo Rovelli
(Submitted on 12 Feb 2018 (v1), last revised 17 Mar 2018 (this version, v2))
Quantum tunneling of a black hole into a white hole provides a model for the full life cycle of a black hole. The white hole acts as a long-lived remnant, solving the black-hole information paradox. The remnant solution of the paradox has long been viewed with suspicion, mostly because remnants seemed to be such exotic objects. We point out that (i) established physics includes objects with precisely the required properties for remnants: white holes with small masses but large finite interiors; (ii) non-perturbative quantum-gravity indicates that a black hole tunnels precisely into such a white hole, at the end of its evaporation. We address the objections to the existence of white-hole remnants, discuss their stability, and show how the notions of entropy relevant in this context allow them to evade several no-go arguments. A black hole’s formation, evaporation, tunneling to a white hole, and final slow decay, form a unitary process that does not violate any known physics.

It’s an interesting premise for science fiction:

When black holes devour massive amounts of matter and energy, it is thought that everything which appears to vanish forever actually emerges from a white hole. Exactly where the victims of a black hole come out could be anywhere from another place in this universe to another universe entirely. Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli theorized something even stranger linking the two. Black holes result from collapsed stars, but when these astral corpses die, they may actually turn into white holes. Elizabeth Rayne, “Bye, Black Holes: White Holes Are Even Weirder” at SyFyWire

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And now, black holes can be ghosts

EDTA- Perhaps you should read the book. I have no problem with anyone trying to figure out how this universe was intelligently designed, specially created or just happened. ET
God could have used a white hole to make us. And I'm fine if the universe turns out to be young. But I'd prefer not to grasp at things as materialists do--like with the multiverse. Let's wait for more data to come in. EDTA
So the Intelligent Designer could not have used a white hole to produce this universe? The white hole is an attempt to answer the how the universe came to be. It explains the data of the big bang. And it allegedly explains how there can be a relatively young earth in a seemingly very old universe. ET
OK, I'm kinda intrigued now. How is believing that we are the result of a white hole different than materialists believing in a multiverse? In both cases, someone is positing a meta-universal reality that we cannot observe or verify. EDTA
EDTA- The white hole/ fountain does not exist now. It was spent producing the universe. ET
I don't think anyone should pin too many hopes on a phenomenon we're not even sure exists. EDTA
Hi aarceng- "Starlight and Time" was published in the 1990's so I don't know what to tell you. Instead of a white "hole" he calls it a white fountain ET
@ET. I have never heard YEC's using a white hole scenario. aarceng
EDTA- Any white hole that would have existed to create the universe would be long gone by now. The white hole scenario is how YECs explain how God created the universe using relativity- it's how we could have a relatively young earth in a seemingly old universe. See "Starlight and Time" by Dr Humphries ET
There's no solid evidence that white holes exist. Another desperate sci-fi attempt at explaining something we can't otherwise explain. EDTA
for the highest probability explanation of Black Holes at Galactic centers reference SPIRAL's 'Black Hole illusion resolution' hypothesis, as we would predict their appearance rather than react to it, and know it is not due to present hyper-density, but past hyper-density that ended by the end of cosmic inflation expansion relatively early in the history of the universe. It is also in the book 'SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model' Pearlman

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