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Matteo writes: “But for too many, the tastiest cake is the one you can have and eat, too. I suppose a lot of folks want just enough determinism to make God an impossibility, but not so much as to make themselves an impossibility.”

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    Meleagar says:

    It is ironic that in the attempt to remove god as a first principle has led atheists to accept that which they wished to avoid in the first place: overwhelming & blatant hypocrisy, self-conflicting, nonsensically absurd beliefs, and fanatical faith in an entirely unsupportable and ludicrous narrative.

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    Meleagar says:

    BTW, Matteo, that was one of the best statements ever. I think that moderators here should start a UD compendium of notable quotes – “Uncommon Quotations”, from both sides of the debate.

    A contest could be made of going through the archives and dragging up the best quotes.

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    Barry Arrington says:

    Good idea Meleagar

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