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Raging Woke pull down dinosaur statue


At Kenosha Dinosaur Discovery Museum:

Two days ago, BLM protestors managed to pull down the statue of a dinosaur which was gracing the area outside the Kenosha Dinosaur Discovery Museum…

It is unclear as to why the mob decided to take its rage out on the dinosaur statue, but it can be seen damaged and defeated outside the museum, perhaps in testament to misplaced anger that is all too common these days.

James Anthony, “BLM rioters tear down statue of dinosaur in the name of social justice” at The Post Millennial (August 26, 2020)

A Canadian blogger peeped up: “I’m so glad people are finally realizing that dinosaurs were racist.”

For sure. Fits right in with the war on math.

Note: The incident that touched off the Kenosha riots.

Kenosha Dinosaur Discovery Museum, pre-Woke:

>"Misplaced anger...all too common..." There's the understatement of the year. The phrase "sheep without a shepherd" also comes to mind. EDTA
“ Most of the rioters are regular criminals with long records“ Now, how the devil do you know that? Belfast
As usual you're overthinking. This isn't "woke", it's just what happens when you remove the police. Most of the rioters are regular criminals with long records, as always in any "revolution". Along with the governors and mayors, they are simply EVIL PEOPLE WHO ENJOY DOING HARM. They create mayhem and damage every moment of every day. When evil people are not instantly deterred by a superior counterforce, total evil results. polistra

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