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Remember Virginia Heffernan? “Creationist” NYT science writer? She survived and is writing a book.

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Virginia Heffernan For Simon and Shuster. Interview here.

Q: What prompted you to write an essay describing yourself as a creationist?

I was frustrated with the way social science had stretched the logic of evolution to its breaking point. Evolutionary psychology especially, which has been plagued by research scandals, kept reversing its basic tenets.

Getting frustrated with evolutionary psychology is not evidence of being a creationist, it is evidence of a capacity to reject the utterly ridiculous…


Q: What adjectives would you use to describe the reaction?

Angry, defensive, fearful, histrionic, sometimes misogynistic, hazing. Something more than an academic argument about cosmology and consciousness was at stake.

In short, a cave of Darwin’s trolls emptied itself in her path. Happens.

I was surprised that former colleagues didn’t give me, a career-long journalist with an academic background whom some of them had worked with, the benefit of the doubt. I was also surprised that many hard scientists—as opposed to science writers—liked what I wrote. The experience left me hurt and embarrassed. I thought I must have miscalculated the tone of the essay to trigger so much fury.

Nope. Just the trolls doing their thing, in many cases at public expense.

She should get ready for another onslaught when her book is published. We can pretty much predict an assault on the Amazon listing and a spate of mad dog reviews.

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Trouble in the “belief enforcement” science world gets noticed even in the New York Times (Heffernan first hit our screen in 2010.)

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

You know, this is amazing. Go through so much and, write a book after all. I don’t think I am capable of such thing. Though I have to admit, I don’t have god writing skills. Even when I was in college I used to go to custom essay writing service to get qualified assistance even with the simplest paper. So, I guess whether you can do it or you can’t at all. I hope that her book will come out successful. Let us know when it is going to be released. CandiceC
Women seem to be endemic whistle-blowers. Sure there are plenty who 'keep their heads down', avoiding making waves and concentrating on furthering their careers; which you would expect, since the immemorial marginalisation of their sex in many ways - certainly in the workplace - has made them very canny. But the big whistle-blowers tend to be very smart, brilliant women. I strongly suspect that it's because they've had to work so hard to achieve half of what they might have done, as males, and the thought that a bunch of dim and corrupt, male louts could destabilize everything with impunity cuts too much across the grain for them. Lucky for us. Axel
I like this interview she did with Clifford Armion: La cle? des langues interview with Virginia Heffernan The ID movement needs charismatic people like Hefferman on their side. Mapou
Virginia Heffernan on The Digital Dialectic - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAIGiLs5hGI Haven't completely watched the video yet, but the beginning looks interesting. bornagain77
lpadron, Ha Ha Ha :) bornagain77
BA, That's all in the past. He gave Heffernan's unpublished book his full attention by reading it between commercial breaks of a "Big Bang Theory" repeat and then wrote his scathing review mmediately before saying his prayers for the night. lpadron
"Heffernan’s book has already been reviewed and savagely critiqued by Nick Matzke." Well I'm definitely going to buy it now! :) The last book he 'savagely critiqued' was Darwin's Doubt, which did not fair to well for him in that he was shown to be a fraud: A Graduate Student (Nick Matzke) Writes – David Berlinski July 9, 2013 http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/07/a_graduate_stud074221.html A One-Man Clade – David Berlinski – July 18, 2013 http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/07/a_one_man_clade074601.html Hopeless Matzke -David Berlinski & Tyler Hampton August 18, 2013 http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/08/hopeless_matzke075631.html bornagain77
Heffernan's book has already been reviewed and savagely critiqued by Nick Matzke. lpadron
She does look great but thats not the point(or should it be). Creationism is very popular and it shows its just not in certain circles. the wrong identies are at the top at the moment. The crash of evolution will aid change I think in this in the future. She will be seen as a survivor. She gets now to be uniquely famous and gets lots of thumbs up. She is a agent of influence and maybe change. She accuses men a bit but I say there is a pro women bias in science to raise them up beyond their abilities. Especially in doing innovative intellectual things. Men are interfered with in hiring, promotion, and general support. Without the men things get dumber. I suspect psychology stuff is too female and a origin for its embarrassments these years. Robert Byers
I lover her. She's got guts and smarts. And she's beautiful on top of it. Bravo. Mapou

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