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Toward a science of the science of consciousness?

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From the mail:

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014 – 20th Anniversary conference abstract site now open

The University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies Presents Toward a Science of Consciousness 20th Anniversary

Scientists, philosophers, researchers, scholars, artists and humanists are invited to the 20th Anniversary of the first Tucson conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness” held in 1994. The 2014 conference will reflect on 20 years of progress, present understanding and future directions in the science of consciousness.

Actually, if we compare it with, say, genome mapping or space exploration, it hasn’t been 20 years of progress. It has been twenty years of papers, each with a different ingenious view of the problem.

Most likely they are on the wrong track because consciousness cannot be usefully studied the way they are trying to study it, but they can’t think of another way. See also “Memo from materialist neuroscientists: You NEED us; give us more time”

Amazing photo though.

Hat tip: Stephanie West Allen at Brains on Purpose

Amen. tHey can't make a science of the motives and intents of mans soul and heart. The bible says this. its amazing the dream they have of saying our minds are just a series of wires with logical results from mere bad wiring or good wiring. They are not just wrong but watching too much star trek. The nature of man will not be put in equations on a blackboard. Robert Byers

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