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Reminder of Christian Scientific Society Annual Meeting April 7-8


The Christian Scientific Society

In Pittsburgh, including

12:00 PM Nik Melchior. “Machine Emulation of Human Thought”
Artificial intelligence promises the development of computers with the same capabilities of cognition, perception, and problem-solving as their human inventors. Recent applications include self-driving cars, robots that work in factories, and computers able to best humans in games like Jeopardy, Chess, and Go. This talk will present an accessible introduction to common techniques and paradigms in the study of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The significance of newsworthy AI systems will be examined, as well as the perceived threat of superhuman intelligence that does not share our morality.
Bio: Nik Melchior received his masters in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis and his Ph.D. in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is presently Senior Roboticist at SEEGRID in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has 20 formal publications on robotics and artificial intelligence. More.

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The Singularity is unlikely


Claim: Humanity and AI inseparable by 2021 Most apocalypses actually can’t happen because they are competitive. Subtractive, not additive. The TED talks will, however, assuredly happen.

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