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Science News Fact Check: Did Craig Venter create life?

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As claimed in pop science media. David Nguyen asks, at Think Tank Learning:

Worth noting, from Elie Dolgin at Nature:

Scientists downsize bold plan to make human genome from scratch: With funding still scarce, GP-write project shifts focus to making virus-resistant human cells.

“Church’s team used synthesis in follow-up work to recode seven codons in the E. coli genome. That effort needed close to 150,000 genetic changes, and it revealed unexpected design constraints and difficulties in stitching together DNA fragments. These have stymied efforts to make the reconstructed bacterium viable.”

“That should be a sobering reminder as the ultra-safe human-cell-line project gets off the ground, says Nili Ostrov, a postdoc in Church’s lab who is leading the research. “In humans,” she says, ”there are going to be a lot of design rules that we just don’t know.” More.

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Hat tip: For  Nature update, Heather Zeiger

3 Replies to “Science News Fact Check: Did Craig Venter create life?

  1. 1
    OLV says:

    What did Elie Dolgin at Nature mean by “unexpected design constraints” and “design rules”?

  2. 2 says:

    Contrary to some inflated claims to “synthetic life” and “created life”, the team has not created life out of non-living components (abiogenesis). The experiment is just a very sophisticated version of breeding – a process that humans have used for thousands of years to develop useful organisms.

    And of course, DNA is not the answer:

  3. 3
    News says:

    OLV t 1, he means that he might be looking for a new perch if he isn’t careful. Remember the replication studies fiasco? These aren’t people who want to grow and change.

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