6 Replies to “Science News Fact Check: Does Marijuana Cure Cancer?

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    Bob O'H says:

    So the answer to the question is not “Not really”, it’s “we don’t know (but there are indications that it might)”.

    Quite what cancer has to do with teenage pot smoking isn’t clear – not many teenagers suffer from cancer.

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    News says:

    Bob O’H at 1, it’s uncertain, given epigenetics, whether early lifestyle choices may later predispose to cancer. That’s still under study.

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    polistra says:

    The basic problem is that we can’t gather proper statistics on an illegal substance. For most of the years that would have been ‘building up’ to cancer, pot was illegal everywhere, and admitting use to a public health survey or a doctor was an instant Go To Jail Card.

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    Allan Keith says:

    Marijuana has medicinal properties, as do many plants. Even rat poison is used routinely in human medicine. But marijuana isn’t the all-curing medicine that some proclaim. I smoked it when I was young, as did many people who grew up in the 60s and 70s. Its dangers and benefits are often compared to the dangers and benefits of alcohol. The only thing I can say from observation is that stoned people almost never get into fights.

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    asauber says:

    Having kept my distance away from pot all my life all I can say is that the smoke stinks. I smell it wafting through locales from time to time. I don’t know how anyone could stand it for more than 5 seconds.


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    Allan Keith says:

    Andrew, I agree. The smoke is not very pleasant. But the same can be said for tobacco. As you may know, it will be legal for recreational use in Canada in the next few months. In Ontario, the most populated province, it is going to be sold by the government in stores similar to our government owned and operated liquor stores. It should be an interesting year or two.

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