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Scott Walker says most people don’t care about the issues media obsess over

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Scott Walker by Gage Skidmore.jpgFurther to Gil Dodgen’s “Do you believe in evolution,” riffing off the Scott Walker edition of legacy mainstream media’s war on common sense, the question isn’t about evolution at all, of course.

It is about creating the impression that Walker must be a dunce if he doesn’t “believe” whatever the studio blowdrys “believe” about evolution.

It makes no difference that they probably have no idea what they are talking about. That doesn’t enter into it.

And if Walker happened to be well-read on the subject, he would know that many evolutionary biologists are growing impatient with the implausibility of the deadhead Darwinism that the blowdrys mean when they talk about “evolution.”

Today, it is pretty much the Darwin in the schools lobby, Christians for Darwin (hit me again! I deserve it!), and the Evolution Sunday crowd who sign on to that dreck.

Not that the blowdrys will learn that; they’ll go under first. And maybe take Walker with them, if he is fool enough to try discussing it with them especially if he is conversant with the facts.

Which is why he shouldn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Walker has noted, few care about the issues media obsess over:

“People care about big issues. They care about growth, they care about reform, they care about safety. They want to know what is a prospective candidate likely to do when it comes to making sure everyone can live their piece of the American Dream. What are they going to do to transfer power away from Washington to the hard-working taxpayers, and what are they going to do to make people safe from radical Islamic terrorism around the world. Those are the things people care about. And I think the reaction I had to some of those so-called gotcha questions, was these other things aren’t things that people care about. I was — you’ll appreciate this Greta, I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin this afternoon. I was at two of the leading job creators talking about career opportunities for people with disabilities, and somebody in the press at the end asked me a question about this very subject, and I said ‘I challenge you to go out with me and walk down the streets here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and ask people 100 people, 100 people on the street what do they really care about, and I’m certain that not a [single] one of them would talk about the issues we heard about in Washington from the media” he stated.

The man is obviously a huge danger to the public blowdrys.

Which is why I ask, if you are still consuming that sort of media, why are you?

Why was the navbar invented? The search engine? Anyone know?

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The media have their marching orders--destroy Scott Walker with anything they can use. Their M.O. has always been to fabricate stories that make conservative politicians appear stupid. Never mind the fact that Joe Biden has a mountain of material to work with... Walker is better off to defy and deny. He will lose if he allows them to set the agenda. OldArmy94

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