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Segmental Duplications and Evolution

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In his article on human evolution Graeme Finlay states that duplicated DNA segments prove evolution. Finlay’s proof is straightforward. These duplications of DNA segments arise randomly and yet identical duplications are found in cousin species, such as humans and chimpanzees. Finlay uses as his example opsin genes which produce proteins that are light sensitive. Different opsin genes produce proteins that are sensitive to different colors of light. The proteins are found in the hundreds of millions of photocells in our retina and they allow us to sense the different colors of light that we see. By combining the signals from these different photocells, our brain can assemble a full color image.   Read more

Dr. Hunter, An excellent post as usual. I enjoy reading your thorough and insightful posts. They are a fine example of good science which attempts to get at the truth. Your post are excellent criticisms of evolution. However, some Darwinists might suggests that while your analysis of evolution is strong, you offer no alternative. Since the status of a scientist is defendant on their ability to claim knowledge, rightly or wrongly, what would you offer as an alternative to evolution to those scientists that would be willing to accept a viable alternative? Peter

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