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Should life be defined to begin at college graduation?

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Charles Darwin Institute of Technology (CHIT) in Boston, Massachusetts is the first institution of higher learning to award Certificates of Existence along with diplomas for earned degrees. The certificates are in support of the Progressive Abortion Law (PAL) legislation currently being considered by the Massachusetts legislature. PAL will allow abortion to be performed up to the awarding of a college degree. Details are at www.TheBrites.org.
Certificate of Existence

I think the brites are at it again, http://www.livescience.com/othernews/070407_coulter_hoax.html , but this guy has a Ph.D. in mathematics. bFast
Jerry, I think that was a play on words. You figure it out =D Mats
Except that it should be called CDIT not CHIT. jerry
It's a good job for the institute that Darwin wasn't called Steve. Bob Bob O'H
Let's not be hasty here. Surely existence is more appropriately conferred upon the receipt of a master's or professional degree, i.e. when the fetus has at least given some token back to its field. Dr. Dembski, mail-order schools count as long as they are not seminaries or run by a church of the oppressor religion. See the text here: Should any college degree qualify for a Certificates of Existence? "Certainly not ," says Raze. "There are clearly exceptions. Obvious ones include graduates from Baptist universities or any seminary." Now, let's see your C.V... Designed Jacob
Will degrees from mail-order schools count? If not, what sort of accreditation do the schools need? William Dembski
Marcos, regular history is not a qualifying major. However, Revisionist History will qualify for the certificate. http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=55047 russ
I have a major in history. Am I entitled to receive a certificate of existence, or do I have to pursue one in the hard sciences like Physics, Chemistry and Evolutionary Psychology?? Marcos

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